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About Us

About Music Asia

The music world is reeling under rapid changes. Keeping up with events, albums and artists is difficult enough, much less understanding their full ramifications, how they will affect the professional music industry and what the future holds.

Music Asia is a digital platform with a bazaar of editorial surprises for exciting exploration, led by a coterie of entertainment personalities and stocked with an array of information and stories for the consummate reader in the music industry. The weekly digital digest will focus on the latest music trends, exclusive interviews, performance reviews, emerging artists and original features. Music professionals will also contribute their opinions in specific fields to share views and insights on the growing industry.

Music Asia, in brief, is an acronym for music professionals who want to stay in vogue with the turnarounds in the music scene, and be part of its explosive growth in Asia. The weekly digest will provide pertinent latest news from popular genres across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Australia.

Music Asia embraces the growing trend of people attending live concerts, festivals and also fervently listening to music online using a variety of streaming platforms. As the popularity of online music streaming surge, we also see the need to provide a digital platform to facilitate industry information as well as connect buyers, sellers, composers, musicians, academics and others to communicate via their journal. We are the latest music content delivery of the digital age.

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