After enthralling audience across the globe with over 600 live shows, Indian singer Veena Parasher is back with a soul touching track that narrates the love story of a transgender, a cover of the popular number Do Lafzon Ki Hai.


In addition to making a song that audiences would listen on loop, Veena expressed that she was in search of an engaging story for its video and hence decided to show the ground reality of a transgender’s life.


“Every day I run into eunuchs and transgenders who are completely capable of working but are sadly forced to beg at traffic junctions. Every encounter with them set me thinking as to how their life could be. Their emotions, their feelings, their love stories, everything is quite fascinating,” said Veena. She first entered the spotlight after winning numerous music shows on Indian Television.


“After recording the song, me and my partner in tune Sherrin Varghese were traveling for rehearsals, discussing and exploring ideas related to love and its different forms of acceptance in our society. And that’s when Sherrin came up with this beautiful idea of showing their love story in our video.”


“Sherrin is from Kerala where the LGBT community not only gets equal rights but is treated equally with respect. In fact, the state has become the first in our country to roll out a transgender policy aimed at ending the societal stigma attached to this sexual minority group. That is why he could very well connect and perceive the idea on a personal and professional level,” she added.


“Thereafter, we converted this idea into a story and sourced out Ain Honey Aarohi, the best from the LGBT community in Kerala. She is a model, beauty pageant winner, a wonderful soul and a perfect fit for our video.”


With the response to the teaser having been phenomenal so far, Veena is hoping for her rendition of Do Lafzon Ki Hai to become a chartbuster.