Surpassing expectations, the comeback song from the Indian music group A Band of Boys has created a sensation on the very first day of its release.


Titled Yuhin Jalne Ko, the song was released on A Band of Boys’ official Facebook page. Within a short time, the video managed to garner thousands of views, and the band members are overwhelmed with the positive response.


The recent release has already crossed 1 million views on Facebook and is expected to hit big numbers in coming days.


“Though we were sure that people were going to love the song, nobody expected it to get such a phenomenal response. Owing to the tremendous success of Yuhin Jane Ko, the band will be releasing a new song every second month,” Varkey Patani, partner at Go Live Talent and Records confirmed.


Currently, the band has already scheduled a few concerts where they will be performing. They have also agreed to perform in private parties and for other various occasions.


But in addition to touring within India, the band is planning to venture outside the country, with a great possibility for an international tour to happen next year.


Click here to watch the music video for A Band of Boys’ Yuhin Jalne Ko: