Platinum-selling Dutch hit producer/DJ Sam Feldt returns after releasing his debut album with a brand-new remix album titled ‘After the Sunset’.


The huge success of Sam’s first album, released in late 2017, filled with 24 songs suitable for each hour in a day, showed us what this platinum-selling Dutch DJ and Producer is all about.

With ‘After the Sunset’ we are presented with yet another chance to enjoy some non-compromising Heartfeldt music with 16 remixes from renowned artists like Breathe Carolina, Joe Stone, Calvo, Zonderling and many more who have each reworked songs from Sam’s latest album. It’s the perfect combination of remixers and their various styles mixed together with Sam’s signature melodic cross-over sound that turns the album into this remarkable release that brings everything full circle.

In 2018, Sam will continue to build on one of his most successful years so far. With DJ sets at the biggest venues and festivals around the globe – some with the addition of his live band –  this young Dutchman has clearly become one of the most in-demand artists in the dance scene. During this year’s Miami Music Week, Sam Feldt will return with another eagerly-awaited edition of his Heartfeldt Pool Party at the Spinnin’ Hotel on the 23rd of March.


Listen to the new remix album here: