Online music education platform Soundfly has announced the Headliners Club, the first online One-on-One Musician Mentoring Program in which aspiring musicians are paired with dedicated mentors to assist them in their dreams and goals in the music industry. It eschews passive learning and business hacks, the dominant approach and subject matter of online instruction. Instead it offers pinpointed targets, active involvement with a mentor, and new ideas tailored to the musician.

This specific, concrete, engaged approach sets Soundfly apart from many online offerings. The service has established a powerful set of best practices for mentors, focusing not on communication channels, streamed lectures, or collections of videos, but on benchmarks, teacher response times, and meaningful custom assignments.

The Headliners Club builds on Soundfly’s existing menu of free and tuition-based courses — ranging from orchestral arranging to Ableton-based production to indie tour booking — as well as its rich trove of content on the business and art of making music on its Flypaper blog. With more than a million unique visitors to the site last year and 35,000 students among its alums, Soundfly and its mentors responded to growing demand from students, who wanted to keep working with the mentors they had learned from in their courses.

The right product was a four-week, club-like package, urging students to address the specific issues of a personally important project: doing the final mixes on an EP, finishing a set of songs, learning a new skill or approach to their instrument. Students come from all walks of life and range from die-hard professionals in training to serious amateurs with artistic visions.