David Kerrison has joined the Asian Academy of Music Arts & Sciences (AAMAS) as its newest member. Born in Brighton, United Kingdom, his interest in guitar did not take hold until he first saw Robert Fripp play guitar with King Crimson.

Essentially self taught, David spent most of his early days just listening to records and trying to emulate the famous guitarists of the time. But he soon developed his own style by adopting a more melodic approach based on feeling, which was very similar to that of Paul Kossoff.

At the age of 19, he joined a band called Buzz and played professionally for 5 years; and even released a record under the Polydor Label.

From the first day of recording at the Marquee Studio in Wardour Street, London, his desire to have his own studio took hold. This resulted in building the Moving Waves Studio, which was supported by the latest technology and the ability to use computers to realise his envisioned creative works. As he undertook all the research, design and construction work himself the project took almost 12 months to take shape. According to David, he joined AAMAS since members benefit from being connected to fellow professionals. He envisions that with the help of the association, he will get to know more like-minded individuals, especially in Asia Pacific.

With that in mind, we wish David Kerrison the very best in his journey with the association.

David Kerrison