Derrick Ho (何維健, He Weijian) who was once known as the winner of Singapore Channel U’s Project Superstar has since then produced many albums and hit singles. This year, he will be performing for the upcoming Sundown Festival in August. Music Asia caught up with him on his upcoming release and performances.

1. Tell us a little about your upcoming new release: 換我愛你

Derrick Hoh: This song is a specially written for Taiwan’s Idol Drama #鐘樓愛人. Many songs were written along the process and we eventually settled with this and this I have the opportunity to direct and produce the music video for this single as well. Do check it out on Youtube!

2. What keeps you in the music industry even after all these years?

Derrick Hoh: I constantly find myself falling in love with music over and over again throughout my music career. It is the only job in the world that I will want to continue to excel and better myself. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’d started out as just a singer and now I’m a singer-songwriter and I’m starting to produce my own songs, penning songs for other artistes as well. There are plans to start producing for other artistes in near future.

3. What can your fans expect from your upcoming performance for the Sundown Festival?

Derrick Hoh: It will be a slight preview of what to expect for my “Back to 19” concert at Esplanade Annexe Studio on the 3rd September 2017 at 5pm. Definitely be performing my best hits that fans are familiar with. I promise it is going to be an intimate affair.

Derrick Hoh