To celebrate Singapore’s upcoming National Day on 9 August, Apple Music will be featuring local homegrown talents such as The Sam Willows, Sezairi, Linying, iNCH, Nathan Hartono and more. This will take place from 4 August till 10 August (9AM SGT) within the Apple Music platform.

During this celebration, the selected Singapore artistes will be curating their own playlists drawn from their very own Singaporean stories and inspirations.

Some of the playlists to look out for include “Sezairi’s Singapore” by Sezairi, which consists of songs that do not necessarily make it to mainstream radio, but showcase the incredible musicality and versatility of Singapore’s homegrown artists. Another noteworthy playlist is “Singaporean & Proud”, curated by The Sam Willows. It features some of their favourite Singaporean musicians.

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