Many would know The Summer State as the band who has lady luck on their side, seeing how their releases exploded in the market without the years of waiting to get spotted. Some songs they’ve written include: ‘I do, i don’t’, ‘Love, that’s what they call it these days’, and ‘Enough’. The Summer State will be performing again for the Sundown Festival this year in August. They share with Music Asia the dynamics behind the successful team:

1.What are some bands/songs that inspire your music? Why?

Edwin: Paramore is a band that we collectively look up to. They continue to reinvent themselves and push the boundaries of what an alt/rock band can achieve.

2. What are the dynamics of the team?

Edwin: We’ve been a band for 5 years so the chemistry between everyone is very natural. We’re pretty much a family, everyone looks out for one another and it translates when we bounce ideas off each other when we write music.

3. What would you say is one of your favourite originals and why?

Veek: “Enough”. It’s fun to play and starts out with a distinguishable guitar part that goes into the catchy hook of the song and gets the crowd singing along. Can’t get enough of it!

The Summer State