The very first Spotify Talks session took place in Singapore, a thought leadership session exploring Asia’s music scene. It featured a panel discussion on the topic ‘Looking Beyond the Music’. Here are the top 4 takeaways from the event:

1. Changes in fans’ music experience are here to stay. People are turning to streaming services to enjoy music and music streaming is revolutionising the experience of the music fan. Globally, streaming remains the industry’s fastest-growing revenue source, with digital revenues now accounting for 50% of total revenues, according to the IFPI Global report.

2. Big data in Music. With analytics, labels now have information on how users react to tracks i.e. does it get skipped after a few seconds, at which point does the track lose its audience; and this is beginning to influence how writers and producers create songs.

3. Much easier for music to trend now. In this day and age, users and not radio DJs are driving and defining what mainstream music is.

4. Much easier for newer/independent artistes to hit big time. Digitalisation has been a game changer in artistes introducing their music to the world and interact with their fans.

Spotify Talks Singapore