Following up from their hit-single Keep Me Jealous, The Sam Willows released their second single Save Myself on July 14. The release offers a glimpse into the diversity and variety encapsulated within the next album.

The band sparked international chatter with renowned US singer Michael Bolton showcasing his distinguished vocal prowess through a singalong video clip of the track during a quick meet-up recently. The song has since gone viral across Asia – landing on multiple iTunes and Spotify charts in Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore.

“With Save Myself, we wanted to write a song with little frills, that could straight up speak to people. The song talks about how we’re usually the worst lovers to ourselves – we don’t know how to love or save ourselves till it’s too late. It’s kind of a call for help and admission, to reach out before you’re a total gone case,” said Benjamin Kheng, founding member of The Sam Willows.

The band aspires to unveil this this songas more than just a catchy tune with an ear-worm hook; it aims to provide positivity and a heartening notion that postulates reassurance for any down-and-out soul.

The Sam Willows have embarked on a promo tour in Asia and will also be performing at Summer Sonic 2017 (Japan) in August.