Having first started out in France, the Singaporean duo Scarlet Avenue has since then come a long way. Not only have they released their very own debut EP “Happy Heartbreak”  in 2014, the pair of brothers – Amos and Adam also produced a full album, “2024” after. The album, pronounced as twenty twenty-four, was aptly named using both their ages to mark the milestone in their lives.

Scarlet Avenue will be performing again live this year at the Wheeler’s Festival, which will take place on  29 and 30 July. We spoke to them to find out more about their musical journey.

1. Describe your musical journey.

Scarlet Avenue: It has be amazing! We never imagined that we could have our music produced and released professionally. There are just so many people to thank in our journey thus far. Since kids we loved classic rock and this has continued to evolve to alternative rock and till now modern rock and indie. Our musical styles have also evolved and grown.

2. You’ve released “Not Everyone Loves the Same” this year. Did it have the impact that you were looking for?

Scarlet Avenue: We certainly hope so! It has been charting on Spotify and Itunes, so we’re quite glad about that. We also hear from fans how much they love the songs and we couldn’t ask for more. As artistes, we’re always looking forward to performances, and we’re excited about the upcoming Wheeler’s Festival in July because the venue’s lovely and it’s going to be a fun weekend with good vibes, playing alongside other musicians.

3. What next?

Scarlet Avenue: Adam is getting ready for NS, so we really don’t know what will happen then. But we definitely will continue writing music and loving life!

Scarlet Avenue