Audiophiles who love listening to music the traditional way, will probably love Diggers Factory (DF) and its vinyl-on-demand service. The platform was created by Alexis Castiel and his partner, developer and college mate from the Universite Paris-Dauphine Victor Périnin in April 2016.

Vinyl is currently the fastest growing physical format for music, sales-wise. They saw how they could minimise risk and hassle for musicians.

DF’s innovative model works based on collecting pre-orders from interested fans before printing a limited run of LPs (in batches as small as 50). Once orders have reached a pre-designated number, the LP gets pressed and mailed to fans. In a world where innovative music tech applications are consistently allowing new and previously marginalised voices to compete in the same arena with industry giants, DF is a powerful democratising tool to level the playing field for independent musicians who routinely face challenges in getting their music heard by audiences.

The French startup sources vinyl from factories around Europe to guarantee turnaround times and quality. It also works closely with labels and artists to move with minimal friction from mastered files to fulfilment.

Worth a checkout for artistes who want to have to have their records newly minted in vinyl.

Diggers Factory