Ng Ling Kai, the bilingual Singaporean singer-songwriter, otherwise known as Ling Kai, is without a doubt a familiar name in the music industry. Her original, ‘Larkin Step’ has garnered more than a million views on Youtube, and she has since then been signed by an Australian record label. Although she looks just like your sweet girl-next-door, this superstar has taken over China by storm. Ling Kai will be performing for the upcoming Sundown Festival in August. She shares with Music Asia on artists that remind her most of herself:

1. What would you say has been the biggest change since being taking part in Singer-songwriter contest in China’s ‘Sing My Song’?

Ling Kai: I think the core of who I am has not changed much, as a singer-songwriter, but I learnt a lot from the people I met during the show, with their tenacity and passion for music. It also gave me the opportunity to perform on a huge platform and helped me gain a lot of fans in China who are very supportive of original music.

2. Which other artists would you say remind you most of yourself and why?

Ling Kai: Ideally I would wish that listeners recognise me for my own style music, and know me as Ling Kai. That said, nothing creative exists in a vacuum. I have had many influences and I listen to a wide variety of music from folk, rock, to pop and electronica. I admire singer-songwriters like Tanya Chua and JJ Lin who write their own material.

3. What are some sacrifices you’ve had to make in exchange for pursuing a career in the music industry?

Ling Kai: There has been difficult times especially as the music industry is increasingly digitised and fast-changing. The half-life of a music video is much shorter than ever before and audiences have much shorter memories, for example. I think I’ve had to give up the stability of doing something else such as working for other people and having a stable pay check, but somehow opportunities always come up and I have kept going!

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