Jack and Rai aren’t new names in the music industry; having performed together for almost 15 years. Calling themselves ‘singers, songwriters, musicians and music-lovers’, this duo is known to have a huge difference in personalities, but yet prove that having chemistry goes beyond their personality types. The pair shares with Music Asia their tips and experiences from working together:

1. Being veterans in the industry, what would you say are three personal tips to being successful in the music industry?

Jack and Rai: i) Practise, practise, practise: whether it’s the guitar you play, or the piano, or even singing. Know your instrument well ‘cuz when you hit the stage, your focus should be on delivering the song at its best.

ii) Listen to other genres/players: for e.g., if you play the guitar, do listen to saxophone players or something. and keep an open mind too… if you’re a rock-kinda person, take the time to listen to some other genres.

iii) Don’t be shy to perform anywhere & everywhere. As much as YouTube matters, don’t forget the physical aspect of playing at different gigs & shows. This will only improve your showmanship and confidence on stage. And you can’t get that sitting at home and filming youtube vids.

2. What contributes to the chemistry you two share?

Jack and Rai: Ha ha… too many years of hanging out! But seriously, we never expected to be completing each other’s sentences and knowing what we’re gonna play next. But being respectful of each other’s space (musically speaking) definitely helps. And don’t get angry and frustrated on stage ‘cuz that only adds to the negativity. Remember— people wanna come watch you at your best and not see your black face on stage.

3. What is something new your fans can look forward to in the days to come?

Jack and Rai: Yes— we have 1 song that we just wrapped up with Don Richmond. Haha… working with that fella is pretty fun. And after we roll that single out, we really really hope to follow up with more songs and possibly do an EP.

Jack and Rai