The China market is the aim of many international artistes. With its population of more than 1.371 billion as of 2015, based on figures provided by the World Bank, it is not difficult to figure out why many artistes are trying to crack the market for a share of that lucrative pie.

In a panel at Midem 2017 in Cannes, France, executives from Warner Music and Danish singer, Christopher, discussed about his success in the Chinese market. Coming all the way from Copenhagen, Christopher, who’s full name is Christopher Nissen, was awarded New Thinker of the Year (Årets nytænker), given by Spotify as an innovation prize at the 2012 Danish Music Awards.

Here’s what the artiste had to say, about his inroads into Mainland China, “Everything is so out of perspective and it’s so weird coming from Denmark and seeing China and seeing your music travel so far.  And going on the first Asian tour.  We never really expected anything, but it was sold out. 3,000 people in Beijing. I couldn’t believe that 3,000 Chinese people bought a ticket to come and see us.  Crazy.  Amazing.  Weird.  The tour was crazy good.  I realised the only way to break the market is to keep coming back, doing interviews and performances.”

Added Simon Robson, President, Warner Music Asia, “China is a truly unique market.  People say that about many markets.  But this one really is unique.  Let me give an example: There is absolutely no Western social media in China. So if you start creating a noise outside Chine, I’m not saying it won’t come into China, but it’s very muted.  You have no Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat Instagram.  You don’t even have You Tube.  So effectively you’re having to start again.  And the only way to do that is go to the country and try to embrace the country and the fans will really treasure that. This is something that Christopher has done incredibly well.”