Artistes and music professionals have a treasure trove of information at their disposal, numbers from nearly a dozen sources that chronicle everything from reach to income streams. Brands and companies, seeking a way out of the choke hold of platforms and programmatic ads, want to access audiences with verified interests and predictable engagement levels.

What unites them is data and a need to learn how to wield it. Quantified Culture, a Philadelphia and Los Angeles-based company bringing together veteran programmers, data scientists, and entertainment professionals, crafts AI-driven software products, advises on legal matters related to the data rights of Influencers, and offers a powerful toolkit to visualize and understand their data. It’s designed to help entertainers and musicians get a handle on where their income is coming from, how to maximize those opportunities, and discover corporate partners.

Quantified Culture Photo: Ryan Lash/TED

“We combine all the data coming off these various platforms, like Instagram, Twitch, YouTube into one handy dashboard,” explains Investor and Chairman Jon Gosier, who has been applying data science to the challenges of entertainment for more than a decade. “We correlate these trends with news items or other happenings that shed light on, say, why sales spiked in a certain week…or where conversions are coming from. This makes it far simpler to grasp what’s been effective and why — and what the effect was. We use our artificial intelligence models to ‘learn’ from the past to better anticipate future audience trends.”

And, thanks to AI’s ability to synthesise large and diverse data sets, QC can suggest possible future outcomes, giving a team focus among myriad possibilities. “We take historic patterns in audience engagement and revenue, for example, and offer insights that can help clients time a campaign optimally on social media, or figure out when it makes the most sense to unveil that new release or initiative,” Gosier notes.

In addition to insights, Quantified Culture can give rapid response legal advice to teams on content and other related matters. This instant access helps resolve thorny problems fast, before any opportunities are missed.  “Quantified Culture enables clients to better understand what new technologies can offer and how to maximize their ownership of communications with their audience,” explains Jordan Rosenberg who is part of the legal counsel team.