We spoke with Jeremy Monteiro, Executive Director of Jazz Association (Singapore) Limited, on the Singapore Jazz landscape as well as the plans of the association for the second half of the year. The non-profit organization was created with the aim to promote the appreciation, engagement & excellence in Jazz in Singapore. Here is what he had to say.

Jeremy Monteiro

1. What are the trends that you see happening in the Jazz Music music landscape for 2017?

Jeremy Monteiro: Jazz trends are as unpredictable as the general economy. Jazz is art. Like classical music, we don’t go to a jazz concert to be entertained but to enjoy musical mastery, to be intellectually and emotionally stimulated. Some people may then feel “entertained” and that’s nice. Jazz used to be the Pop music of the day from the 1930s to the early 1950s before Rock & Roll took over and then became Pop. It will always be a small but loyal following willing to investigate and support what Jazz musicians have to offer. I don’t think that rules that apply to Pop don’t apply to Jazz. One facet of Pop is “trends”. Doesn’t apply to Jazz which is always unpredictable.

2. What can we expect in particular from Singapore?

Jeremy Monteiro: With the efforts of Jazz Association (Singapore) Limited (JASS), to reach out to the neighbourhoods with outreach programmes, we hope to widen the appreciation of jazz in Singapore.

3. What are the plans of Jazz Association (Singapore) Limited for the second half of the year?

Jeremy Monteiro: We intend to reach out to Singaporeans across the island, not just the city centre and do jazz appreciation talks, performance in community clubs, libraries and other public spaces to promote jazz and help spread this happy music. We plan to do jazz arrangements of tunes by Asian legends such as P. Ramlee and Teresa Teng to connect to more music fans and get them interested in Jazz. We will also perform more challenging jazz repertoire and new commissions for other concert hall styled performances.