The global music landscape is in a state of flux, with the prevalence of music streaming. However, not all markets are homogenous. We had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Rico Blanco, President of FILSCAP, which is otherwise known as the Filipino Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, on the current state-of-affairs of music in Philippines. Here is what he had to say.

Mr. Rico Blanco, President of FILSCAP

1. What are the trends that you see happening in the music landscape for 2017?

Rico Blanco: I’m seeing further blurring of lines between genres. perhaps a result of the unprecedented accessibility of music, as well as production tools.

2. What can we expect in particular from the Philippines?

Rico Blanco: Exciting times – a new breed of songwriters eager to contribute, a new batch of artists ready to join the ranks of the established. a lot of inspiration bouncing back and forth between the legends and up and comers.

3. What are the plans of FILSCAP for 2017?

Rico Blanco: We are ramping up efforts not just to sharpen the songwriting tools of our members but also to reach out to touch and inspire a new generation of songwriters – future members of FILSCAP. we are sustaining our initiatives that champion composers rights and the value of music in general.