Mr. Ricky Ilacad, CEO of MCA Music, Inc. (Universal Music Philippines), is known as an established pioneer in the industry as he was involved in the national success of many well-known international artistes, including Madonna, Green Day and Michael Bublé. Previously known as the Managing Director at Warner Music Philippines, Mr. Ricky Ilacad presently runs the Philippine regional branch of Universal Music Group, MCA Music, Inc.

Overseeing the company’s daily operations and fostering strong media and corporate relationships, Mr. Ricky Ilacad is aimed on directing MCA Music, Inc. to adapt to the new digital era and trends. In addition, he has shared with us on the company’s focus and drive in 2017.

Ricky Ilacad, Universal Music Philippines CEO

1. What are the trends that you see happening in the music landscape for 2017?

Ricky Ilacad: The continuing growth of digital especially streaming. Looking forward to seeing new players in the Philippine territory, ie Tidal. Also, because of the digital music business, it is easier for our artists to cross borders and reach out to other countries outside the Philippines. More partnerships between brands and MCA Music Inc. (Universal Music Philippines). With music, we continue to break artists with The Voice franchise, plus the signing of indie bands and artists.

2. What can we expect from the company in 2017?

Ricky Ilacad: We will be investing more on marketing and A&R for domestic music – meaning, having organic growth for the company. We are looking to increase our market share in the digital business as well as the total Philippine market. Having more events geared towards our local artists.

3. What will you be busy with in 2017?

Ricky Ilacad: We will be focusing more on A&R, digital business, brand partnerships and events.