An international leading lyrics licensing company, LyricFind, has come together with an automatic content recognition platform, ACRCloud, to incorporate its lyrics ID into the ACRCloud’s music fingerprinting index.

LyricFind ACRCloudEstablished in 2004, the Canadian-based lyrics licensing service provides 3 principal services. These services include searching for lyrics using keywords, displaying lyrics on many other websites and services, and synchronising the lyrics to the songs.

As of 2016, LyricFind has sealed over 4000 licensing deals with music publishers such as EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing, and Sony/ATV Music Publishing. Their archive of lyrics has also made accessible in around 100 countries for licensing.

The partnership between LyricFind and ACRCloud strengthens their reach to the different developers and partners on a whole new level. It gives ACRCloud’s users and partners easy access to LyricFind’s database as they do not have to make an extra effort to go onto their catalogue separately. Thus, they are able to acquire the lyrics from the lyrics licensing company instantly on ACRCloud’s database.

So far, ACRCloud has integrated over 40 million songs in their music fingerprinting library and many parties, including YouTube, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and now LyricFind, within their music index.

This improves the convenience of the process to attain licensed lyrics for the various developers’ needs, which enables the users to search in a coherent manner via ACRCloud’s index.