APRA AMCOS, a global leading copyright collective, reported growth in their figures on various aspects for the financial year 2015-2016. One of the notable achievements includes a 11 per cent increase in their annual revenue for the year, to $333m.


APRA AMCOS represents more than 89,000 Australian and New Zealand songwriters, composers and publishers. They advocate their members’ work by giving organisations licensing rights to play, perform, copy, record or publicise the members’ music. In addition, the association distributes royalties to their members.

For the financial year 2015-2016, they have earned $27.4m in the collection of royalties from streaming services. The 140.35% growth in their streaming revenue emphasises the position of streaming, being on par with radio and records in the present time.

APRA AMCOS maintains an increased revenue for songwriters, composers and publishers, with their core activity, Public Performance Licensing. From its 142,000 licensed businesses, they grossed over $70.7m with a 6.8 per cent growth, which is beyond the global benchmark of 3.8 per cent growth.

As they have performed well in generating an increased revenue for their members, the members have also produced exceptional results. The songs and compositions produced by their members have made a record in accumulating an income of $1,057,981. Hence, this resulted in the rise of 14 per cent in the payments made to the songwriters, composers and music publishers, to $294.6m.

Accompanying the success of Australasians on an international scale, is the continuous increase of export revenue of 75 per cent over the last few years. This totaled up to more than $38.3m annually.

With the digital medium constantly expanding, APRA AMCOS has also made its mark with a vast boost in their digital revenue by 142 per cent, to $67.8m.