Ms Janice Lee, Managing Director of PCCW Media Group, oversees the media aspects of PCCW, which includes its pay-TV and new media businesses of current TV and MOOV digital music service. As MOOV enters into Vietnam’s market, its first market after Hong Kong, she gave us the opportunity to further understand the idea behind this new music streaming platform.

Janice Lee1. There are a number of music streaming platforms available now. How is MOOV different from the likes of Apple Music and Spotify?

Janice Lee: MOOV is a flagship over-the-top (OTT) digital music platform under PCCW Media, a key global player in the entertainment industry. PCCW Media strives to differentiate ourselves through disruptive business approach and content localisation, enabling MOOV to carry a strong “glocal” perspective in Vietnam.

Thanks to our established relationship with international music labels and content providers from different parts of the world, MOOV offers Vietnamese users a constantly growing OTT music and video content library, comprising of millions of international and local content by over 15,000 artistes from around the world.

According to a research conducted by MOOV, it indicated that 92% of respondents usually listen to Vietnamese songs. Hence, MOOV features authorised local content from over 150 Vietnamese content providers to cater for their love of local music.

To satisfy the phenomenal interest for Korean pop music (K-pop) in Vietnam, MOOV offers the biggest authorized Korean pop music collection in Vietnam, with over 100,000 Korean audio and video music content.

Our unique “LyricSnap!” feature in the MOOV app also enables users to match lyrics with images for sharing on social media platforms, bringing additional unique user experience to Vietnam users.

Through MOOV, we are bringing more than just music to Vietnam. We aim to change behaviors of young Vietnamese consumers and steer them away from illegal downloads with value-added offerings. Therefore, we are introducing a number of online to offline (O2O) experiences with lifestyle discounts and music shows around town.

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