Madonna performed in Singapore for the very first time last Sunday (28 Feb 2016) at the Singapore National Stadium. The local Singapore media was mixed in their reviews of the Pop Queen’s performance in the City State. The Straits Times highlighted bad sound and poor views, while Channel NewsAsia reported that the concert was watered down to meet Singapore’s relatively strict media regulatory requirements.

For us though, a more important question is why after being performing for almost an eternity, was she finally here at the autumn or sunset of her career (whichever description floats your boat)? Even the most die-hard Madonna fan would admit that the Pop Diva is no longer a spring chicken. Could it be because the new music landscape in which streaming is predominant, gives artistes a much lesser share of the revenue than CD sales? Or could it be that with Madonna turning 58 later this year in August, there are probably not many chances for her to embark on an epic world tour, like what she is currently doing now for her Rebel Heart Tour?

We must say though that the concert was a relatively enjoyable ride, though it might not be the most “value-for-money” concert available in town. For those who did not have the privilege of watching her concert, here is what you have missed.

Madonna in Singapore 

Madonna on the big screen

Madonna in Singapore

The concert answers some questions, but raises many more. But we do wish Madonna the very best for the rest of her tour.