After blowing away television audiences at the recent Asian Television Awards in December 2015, Anggun Cipta Sasmi, the charming Indonesian and French-naturalised singer-songwriter granted us an opportunity for an exclusive interview. We could not resist asking the World Music Award winner, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and Asia’s best-selling recording artist outside Asia, several burning questions that we have had for the longest time.

Anggun Cipta Sasmi about her upcoming plans

Anggun Cipta Sasmi

Toujours un ailleurs was launched last November. How has it done in the charts?

Anggun: The album will soon be certified “Gold” in France with over 50,000 copies shipped. I feel very honoured to have received such a critical acclaim on this new musical opus. I am now working on the English album. It’s a very exciting moment for me, as I am working with legendary British producer Brian Rawling in London.

Streaming is in and CDs are out. Do you agree with that statement?

Anggun: Streaming is a new way of listening to music. But there is a still a market for CDs. It appeals to different audiences. Personally I do both. And when I really love an album, I always buy the physical copy, so I can read all credits and see who wrote the songs, who did the musical arrangements, etc.

Will we see you launch an Bahasa Indonesia for your fans back home in Indonesia?

Anggun: My new international album will contain songs in Bahasa Indonesia for Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. By the way, I have just recorded an amazing song in Paris and it’s already one of my favourites. Maybe it will become the first single for my English album. Who knows? 🙂

What are the emerging trends that we should expect to see in music over the next one year?

Anggun: No one knows and this is what is so fabulous about the music industry. It is unpredictable.

Who is your favourite artiste?

Anggun: I’m in love with Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. To me, he is an “avant-gardiste” and a musical genius.

Of all the songs in your storied musical career, which one gives you the fondest memories?

Anggun: Snow On The Sahara will always remain a special song to me, because it is the first one which broke barriers across the different international markets. To know your song was played in 33 countries across the globe is absolutely fabulous. When I first heard my song was #1 in Italy or the most-played song in France on radio in 1998, I was like “really?”