Hamburg-based finetunes, which represents record labels such as Erased Tapes, Berliner Philharmoniker and Honest Jon’s Records, has signed a deal for local representation in the region with the Singapore-based company Cross Ratio Entertainment, China’s R2G and Korea’s KDigital. Undoubtedly, as China continues to expands it’s market in the music industry, it is becoming more apparent that they together with countries across the region, are opening to more business collaborations with established entities worldwide.

Cross Ratio Entertainment will represent finetunes throughout Asia, including handling the acquisition of local label and artist partners, as well as providing focused, localised marketing for finetunes releases to digital services across Asia. In addition to acting as agents for and representatives of finetunes in the Asian region, Cross Ratio offers artist management, physical distribution in the Asian region, publishing and event planning services and consultancy.

Finetunes Expands in Asia Finetunes Expands in Asia

“The Cross Ratio Entertainment x finetunes partnership has close synergy in the way we do business and what we believe in: Quality over quantity, a fruitful teamwork and a certain and inspiring enterprise culture,” said Augustine and Tan. “Finetunes has great potential in the Asian market, as digital music is now slowly picking up in this region, especially in the less developed countries. People are more exposed to the digital world and it is the best time now to show them what we can collectively do,” they added.

Furthermore, finetunes has signed new pan-Asia agreements with key regional digital services including KKBox and Saavn.

“Finetunes recognises the fast-growing importance of the Asian music markets and understands that achieving the best results for our artists and labels in the region requires both a local presence and a localised marketing strategy,” said Finetunes Head of Content Distribution David Balfour.

“We’re therefore delighted to be strengthening our A&R, distribution and marketing presence in Asia through these new partnerships. We’re especially pleased to have a new team in place with partners who understand the finetunes ethos and the quality of the artists and labels we distribute,” he added.