YouTube has been on the visual scene for a while playing anything from music videos, lectures, recordings of LIVE concerts to everything you can imagine that can be recorded. It has come a long way and following in with the subscription footsteps of content monetisation, it has officially launched YouTube Music for iOS and Android. Those who have subscribed will enjoy a 14-day free trial of the service, thereafter for the price of $9.99 for YouTube Red.

The subscription will give users all the benefits; ultimately what users who does not pay for the service will appreciate if they are paying. That will include ad-free viewing and listening, audio-only mode and lastly one that many would also wish for – offline play!

It has a simplified layout with three main sections, ‘Home’, ‘Music Today’ and ‘Likes’. Subscribed users have an offline storage feature build into the app which has now evolved into a ‘mixtape’ of such automatically and constantly updated. Users can also play music with their screens locked and cache music onto their phones.

YouTube has undoubtedly become the go-to music streaming channel by over 60 percent of YouTube users with the overall majority of 83 percent from the 12-24 year-olds category using it to keep up-to-date of the latest music.

As with many similar scrutiny faced by music subscription companies, YouTube also faces the same complaint on its paying policy to creators and rights holders. Nontheless, it has paid just over $3billion to the recording industry since the launch of the company in 2005. Adele’s ‘Hello’ has proved to be giving confidence to content creators and songwriters as well by breaking the biggest record ever in the music industry by becoming one of the fastest rising video of the year on YouTube. The release of her single has led to her album ‘25’ reaching platinum status in a single day. If that alone could justify the rise of streaming and music subscription reaching popularity than it has done the job.

YouTube has just become one of the most potent competitors against Spotify and Pandora, one that comes with more advantage than one could place on the market shelf and retaining shelf live longer than other music streaming & subscription company.

YouTube is currently only available in the U.S. and is expected to expand internationally very soon.