Ken Chong, 张顺康, a multi-award winning composer & songwriter shares with Music Asia, his opinions and expectations in joining the APAC-focus academy.

“I join AAMAS because it will be a great place to network with people in the industry, and AAMAS is one way to do so. Joining AAMAS will definitely help increase my presence in Asia and even beyond, possibly linking me with potential clients, publishers & collaborators out there. I welcome AAMAS’s move to make musicians more prominent both as individuals and as a body,” said Ken.

Ken Chong, a singer-songwriter based in Singapore. Ken Chong, a singer-songwriter based in Singapore.

“The status of musicians needs to be raised and made more professional. This will then increase the chance of monetising music, leading to both making a professional career in music more viable, as well as improving the quality of music productions. AAMAS’s plan for its music awards will further enhance the status of the music professional body in Asia. Finally, I hope that AAMAS could also garner support on our behalf, from relevant government agencies, convincing them to invest in music as a potential soft power which will contribute immense direct and indirect economic benefits to the region,” he also added.

Ken Chong, is a multi-award winning composer & songwriter from Singapore, who has written songs & composed music for full feature films like A Fantastic Ghost Wedding, Ghost Child, Ghost On Air etc., TV commercials like Systema, Yakult, Subway, Pediasure, TOP Detergent etc. and TV programs like Psychic Vietnam (BBC), Hyper Rescue Tokyo (Nat Geo), Geng Anam (Mediacorp), Moulmein High (Mediacorp), Police & Thief (Mediacorp), and etc.. Ken is the owner of SOUND DESIGNERS (, providing original music scoring & other audio post-production services.

His recent work includes writing and producing the song, “是你讓我心動 (You Moved My Heart)” performed by Hong Kong’s Golden Horse Award winning actress, 吳君如 (Sandra Ng). Ken is also a lecturer at Orita Sinclair, teaching Diploma in Music Production & Audio Engineering.