With the surge of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festival in America, Australia and Europe, Asia still lags behind this growth despite its steady growth. Recent lifestyle and EDM festivals are indeed popping up in the neighbourhood and according to Dr Gino Yu, an academic and university professor from Hong Kong, explained how EDM is the new religion and how it ‘heals’ and transform humanity.

“The EDM movement is youth culture having their first ‘unity consciousness’ experience. We are looking to re-mythologize this for Asia without the drugs. Music also has the opportunity to ‘heal’ and facilitate personal transformation. In Chinese, the word for Music and the word for Medicine are similar.”

His theory is beyond his time explaining music and its relation to the mind, the healing processes through music therapy and the theory and mythology behind the popularity of electronic music.

He also gave insights on the emergence of lifestyle festivals mushrooming around Asia as “a way of life”, highlighting Wonderfruit and ZoukOut as venues to promote transformation, the reengineering and measuring relativity between music enjoyment and healing.