Pina, a genuine exaltation of art and music of the highest standard found its way onto Wim Wenders’ hands.

The 3D film, screened at one of the cosy screens at The Cathay Singapore, was crowded with throngs of people keen to watch the German production which has garnered critical acclaim.

Organised by the Goethe Institute, the German Film Festival screens films from a selection of award-winning films over a period of 10 days in and around Singapore.

Pina, a 2011 documentary film which tells about the contemporary dance choreographer Pina Bausch is one of the highlights on the list. Directed by the award-winning director Wim Wenders, the film involves a total of nine languages spoken by different artists whom Pina has worked with before her death, mainly with the dancers from the Tanztheater Wuppertal.

The film included mysterious and haunting soundtracks portraying anger, frustration, abandonment, loneliness and fear – human expressions which we all so eagerly try to suppress. Lilies in the Valley, composed by Jun Miyake using only a hammering of two to three keys  accompanied by electric guitar and muted piano keys provided a unique style intertwined with dance moves.

Another significant piece of soundtrack from the film is the Here and After. Written by Jun Miyake, the piece set a compelling yet frustrating mood accompanied with a middle-eastern sound using the flute, table, gong, mysterious string elements and electronic guitar.

One ought to listen to the soundtracks which evoke feelings of confusion, anxiousness, bewilderment and melancholy.