Ricky Smith Christy Smith Robert PinskyRobert Pinsky (right) read his own poems conversing alongside Ricky Smith (left)and Christy Smith (middle).

Organised by the National Arts Council (NAC), the music performance, held at the National Museum of Singapore saw three-time US Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky, in a cosy session of jazz and poetry. He read a wide range of themes and topics, with Christy Smith (double bass) and Ricky Smith (guitar) simultaneously conversing with jazz improvisation; providing a sombre, eclectic and poignant mood yet distinctively well prepared. The conversation between poet and musicians complemented each other, providing character to each part as if in a scene of a film, where musicians and poet simulatenously play the main roles.

The Q & A session afterwards, moderated by a local poet and writer – Yong Shu Hong, was even more enlightening with all three quoting influences from Jazz musicians to rock and folk music from the West – Herbie Hancock and Charlie Parker were the few names mentioned. Pinsky also quoted that many of his writings were inspired by Jazz music and that one cannot exist without the other.

The Writers Festival supported by Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth is also organised in celebration with Singapore turning 50 with Lee Foundation as the major sponsor.