Singapore: In a recent concert held at the Esplanade Concert Hall in conjunction with Pesta Raya, the Malay Festival of Arts, Baizura performed for an audience to which she kept mesmerised throughout the evening. With her lyrical and poetic renditions dating back to the start of her career, she gracefully sang her heart out and was hailed “a trouper” by Singapore’s Straits Times. For her first ever major solo gig in Singapore, she has proved that she still has what it takes to pull-off a debut concert. 

 The six-time Anugerah Award and nine-time AIM Award winner began the evening with a rendition of the contemplative ‘Dugaanku’, a piano ballad from her 1993 award winning debut album Dekat Padamu. To her daughter, she sang in her interpretation of Over the Rainbow from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ with Malay and English lyrics. To make up for her husband’s birthday celebration, she dedicated a rock version of John Legend’s All of me to him who could not join her that day.

Well known for her powerful and dynamic voice, this 39-year-old singer serenaded Mariah Carey’s Hero and also rendered a poignant piano version of Sayang Di Sayang to pay tribute to the local keroncang icon, the recently departed Kartina Dahari.

Singaporean R&B and soul singer based in Malaysia, Imran Ajmain made a surprise appearance and together they belted out Antara Kita and Lagu Gembira. From her latest album release, Kekal, she sang Bukan Wanita Sempurna.

The dozens of songs that she performed that evening were flawlessly picked from her 15 albums which were produced over the last two decades. Although Bukan Wanita Sempurna, directly translated as ‘not perfect’ may be a humble song for the multiple award winner, her life-long accomplishments and countless contribution to the music industry have shown otherwise. Not for the faint-hearted, Rainbow for You is a concert of nostalgia, lost love, courage and affection.